DD Palmer, the Father of Chiropractic, said that “Life is the expression of tone” and in that, tone was one of the basic principles of chiropractic.  Again, in his words, “ tone is expressed in functions by normal elasticity, activity, strength and excitability of the various organs, as observed in a state of health.  We can have too much tone or too little tone, neither one promotes health”. 

How does our body measure tone?  How does too much, too little or just right feel? 

We have all had tight muscles or a tight feeling head.  We have had the floppy sensation of being woken up before we are ready.  A nervous system that has too little or too much tone can’t pay attention,  leaving you unable to connect with what is really happening. 

So what is the ‘just right’ tone?   When your nervous system is able to pay attention to your muscles, your bones, your organs, you have proper tone.  In my words, your body, your nervous system is working.  When you have working tone, you are functioning with “normal elasticity, activity, strength and excitability”. 

Working  tone is the hallmark of health.  Even in the midst of pain, you can have working tone.  The care we provide looks to tone as the place to start our work.  By checking in with yourself, by looking for skin drag connection, you are connecting with your tone and connecting with your life’s expression.